Offenbach-Overtures  Offenbach - Otter

There is one composer that must be included in any discussion of opera and that is Jacques Offenbach.  Offenbach's birthname was Jakob Wiener.  I think I would change my name too if it was Wiener.   I know that you have heard his racy "Can-Can".  I would pick up the DG recording of overtures and if you find that you like them, then the obvious choice is to purchase Ms. Otter singing various songs from Offenbach's works.  This is truly delightful and fun.  My two personal favorites are the "Alphabet - S.A.D.E" and her portrayal of the quite tipsy Mademoiselle from "La Perichole".  Great stuff and fun too!  I recommend that you read the liner notes and libretto as they will give you background into what is going on.  Suffice to say that sometimes it takes but one pretty woman to turn a group of men into one great confused mess.